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Adult Colouring Book production

Since you would have had to be living under a rock not to have noticed the adult colouring book phenomenon, I won't bother waxing lyrical about the well documented calming effects that a gentle bit of colouring can bring. 

Instead we’d like to share some of the more inventive ways our clients are bringing new ideas and concepts to this very significant new industry category. 

Formats & Binding Styles

Most adult colouring books are pad bound to allow the pages to be removed and kept or framed as works of art - having spent all those hours working in painstaking detail, it is easy to see why this would be an important feature. But we are also seeing some really beautiful bound books which are meant to be kept and treasured Beautiful-birds.jpgintact.  

Hot on the heels of Emmanuel Walker's stunning Beautiful Birds picture book, Flying Eye Books have recently launched a companion colouring book with beautifully intricate artwork. Now fans of the picture book can lose themselves in their own riot of colour. 


Thames & Hudson's Possible Worlds takes the form of a loose leaf A2 poster collection showing how versatile the colouring concept is.  12 posters from artist Dylan Martorell are held in an outer greyboard sleeve with foil blocking.


Who says colouring books have to be black and white? Why not print a background - you can even go to town and use a metallic pantone background for a degree of sophistication and opulence. 

We have easy access to uncoated papers, just perfect for these books, so finding stock isn’t an issue. Getting creative with it - is up to you!  

Not just for grown ups 

It wouldn't be fair to give the adults all the fun, we love Nosy Crow's latest kid's colouring book, turning your works of art into greetings cards. With tear out cards and envelopes all of which can be coloured in, we think this is a genius idea.  colouring-book-adult.jpg

The future of adult colouring

Since this trend shows no sign of slowing, we hope it will continue for years to come. We, of course, can supply pencils, pens, frames and anything else you might need to turn your book into a gift set! And who knows where this will go next -  3D colouring books? With our new 3D pen, we think 3D colouring may be the way to the future!