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funky.jpgBack in May we received an intriguing enquiry via our website enquiry form, to produce a soft toy puffa fish - but not just any soft toy puffa fish - a funky one! 

Inspired by the company logo of Leicestershire based commercial cleaning specialists - Funky Puffa Fish, funky has quite a bio: 

After several years’ experience as Chief Coral Cleaner in the tropical Ocean, Funky realised his dream of a life on land in January 2015, after beating off stiff competition from various aquatic life to become brand ambassador for Leicestershire and the East Midlands newest and fastest growing commercial cleaning specialists. Likes: Blowing bubbles & swimming. Dislikes: Fishing.

It doesn't end there however. Funky is not just a commercial cleaning ambassador, he is also helping to raise money for children's charity Menphys.   

To raise awareness of this fabulous fish, there is a twitter theme #FunkyOnTour and local business owners are adopting him for a few days at a time and sharing their adventures with Funky @WellPuffed on Twitter. Some highlights are shown on the left including Funky in his birth town of Shenzhen in Imago towers (as we like to call it).  

Soon to be available for sale and preorder - £2 of each sale will go to children's charity Menphys.    



Leigh, Funky Puffa Fish's Managing Director, had always talked of getting a soft toy made a few years down the line but after putting in an initial enquiry with Imago - was unable to resist bringing funky to life!

'When we looked in to it via Imago we were pleasantly surprised as to how easy and affordable they made the process. Since receiving the prototypes Funky has become very popular around Leicester within our business networking circles. He has a great social life recently joining us at the Niche Magazine business awards where we won the 'Best New Business' category.'


We can't wait to see where funky ends up next on his world tour and have loved being part of this crazy, fun and definitely funky, ride.