The Bear Who Had Never Seen Christmas

When an email dropped into our inbox from our client - Nosy Crow - with the exciting news that they had been asked by John Lewis to produce the book for their 2013 Christmas advert - The Bear and The Hare - we were thrilled at the prospect of being part of it!

With John Lewis having gained such a reputation for their Christmas Ads in a relatively short space of time - secrecy was the order of the day! On no account could any information leak out on the content of the ad, and although we never saw the TV advert until it was released, we were of course privy to seeing much of the artwork for the content of the book.

Imago, our repro house and printer, all signed non disclosure contracts and everything went off without a hitch. The team at Imago UK even managed to keep its existence a secret from the rest of the company until now!

As time was tight and Christmas approaching, printing in Europe was our best option and so it was off to Italy for the Bear and Hare!

As the one advance copy we hold here at Imago UK makes its way round the office, you can hear the oohhh and awws ring out - it's a lovely book, a charming story and John Lewis and Nosy Crow have certainly excelled themselves. We've loved being involved!



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