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Board games for learning

The use of the board game format as a workplace training tool is an innovative and effective way of delivering learning.   People learn more when they are having fun, and the board game creates an engaging atmosphere for teamwork whilst reinforcing key messages, prompting problem solving and decision making.  

A Case Study

We were recently approached by training solutions company AKD Solutions, with a need to produce some innovative board games to be used to roll out a training program to C&A employees across Europe.

A huge project for C&A and AKD that in turn became an unusual and exciting project for Imago. The initial brief was to produce a large format board game with cards, playing pieces, a jigsaw and a nice box! Easy! 

canda6.jpgThe Box

The box is sleek, simplicity itself - unprinted with matt lamination and the C&A logo picked out in spot UV. Robust and simply formed with a carry handle. 




canda4.jpgThe Board

The challenge with the board was to make it as big as possible! The intention with these games is to gather round the board and play in teams, so it has to be big enough to do this comfortably. The maximum size for a 1 piece board is 650mm x 650mm. Beyond that you are straying into joining up pieces of board which comes with its own headaches!




Inside we have jigsaws in some drawstring canvas bags, cards and playing pieces. The thought and creativity that has gone into this game and the huge number of cards and training tools within is really ingenious. We think this is such a fun and interactive way to learn and train your staff!



 The Challenge

The biggest challenge for us with this project was managing 22 language changes over quantities ranging from a handful of copies for the Danish market to several hundred for C & A's key German and Dutch markets. 

Planning and printing these in a cost effective manner was a challenge for our team in Shenzhen!  No mean production feat and the final result is great.