The Changing Face of Chinese Printing

The world is changing and Chinese employment laws are constantly updating. Minimum wages are rising and in fact will rise again in March 2013 and May 2013 in Shenzhen and Dong Guan respectively.

With ever stricter and tougher rules imposed on the factories on both conditions and materials used, it's inevitable that some are struggling to keep up and prices are rising. Of course buyers demand ethical conditions and sustainable materials but want the prices to stay the same!

Our Hong Kong office has very close links with our regular factories - they speak every day and visit often. They know the staff personally and understand how their business works - keeping an eye on the machines and how busy the factory is - making sure that they don't become over loaded nor that they have too little work to keep them going. We really do have a very close and open relationship that puts us right at the forefront of Chinese manufacturing.

It's fair to say that all our printers are worried about the 2013 export business and some are even preparing to downsize in order to keep their overheads low. hand-work-factory.jpg

Recruiting in Southern China continues to be a headache; as industry moves on, many workers no longer need to go down South to earn their living and as a result our printers are constantly facing struggles to make sure they have enough workers - particularly in the hand work plants.

Is it all doom and gloom for printing in China? Well no. The good news from our side is that the printers are all more eager to talk to us and see Imago as a good company to give them the support they need. As well as our exisiting factories we are talking to a few new printers and it seems likely we will have more capacity and support for 2013 over those crucial summer months when there seems to be more jobs than printers!


Kendrick, Imago Hong Kong