Everyday Learning Fun - Digital Pen Readers

Bringing Paper to Life


This interactive learning series from School Specialty (http://premier.us/Everyday-Learning-Fun) is designed to engage children and accelerate their learning through interaction.  Developed for the US market, each set comprises 10 books, a digital pen, book bag, headphones and a pre-loaded audio chip for the appropriate level.

By touching different areas of the page with the digital pen the child will hear the words and sentences that are written.   Additional sound effects throughout add an extra element of fun.


The digital pen is designed so that the chip can be removed and replaced with a chip for the next level - so the user only needs to buy the pen once.   Another nice feature are 2 assist icons that appear at the start and end of each book which give users instructions and suggested activities in English and Spanish.


How does it work?

There's some smoke and mirrors going on here with the file preparation and the printing - fine dot patterns across the printed page form a code that is readable by the pen.  Each area of the pattern has a unique comblination of dots which tells the pen where it is on the page and triggers the appropriate sound.

We've printed this with conventional 4 colour inks - the illustration is made up of cyan, magenta and yellow only with the black separation dedicated to the code.  The effect can also be achieved using 5 colour using an additional black with a special formulation.  

Imago were responsible for the production of the entire project, from setting up the files and coding the chip through to sourcing the headphones and pen reader and printing the books.  A complex project to co-ordinate with numerous suppliers involved, but the results are well worth it.