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Using Laser Cutting in Book Production 

We have been die-cutting interesting shapes into the covers and contents of books for a long time with some spectacular results, but to achieve a really detailed and fine cut, laser cutting is the way to the future.

We first started to see laser cutting used with paper and card in the greetings card market and we have been longing to really go to town with it in a book for a long time. So when we were approached by Knesebeck 18 months ago, with some stunning artwork and ambitious designs from artists Felicitas Horstschäfer and Mehrdad Zaeri, it was a true delight to start work on 2 laser cut titles. 

laser cut childrens books.jpg


In order to get a really accurate price, we do need to see the artwork designs. The laser-cutting is calculated by the time the laser needs to cut the design. In the 2 titles shown here 1 book has laser cuts which take around 550 seconds and the other 780 seconds - there is a real price difference so it's worth being as accurate as possible from the start. 



When the laser passes through the paper some scorching can occur round the edges, leaving a brown line round the outline of each cut on one side of the sheet. Some clients love this effect - others less so - there are a few ways to minimise this though so please do ask. 



These 2 reinventions of the children's classics, Rumpelstiltskin and Cinderella are breathtaking. The artwork and design from Knesebeck is clever, simple and stunning. Getting all the details and design just right to enable us to deliver a product that has the wow factor and a realistic retail price has been a labour of love from all ends but we are all thrilled with the final product: