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Limited Edition prints

This stunning set of high end limited edition print follows the artwork development of the character Ava from the movie Ex Machina. 


This highly limited project had to be high quality from the start and some very simple touches create a distinguished feel. The outer folder is covered with an all over spot uv pattern adding texture and intrigue to the already stunning artwork. 

Spot uv cover



AVA Evolved, collates Jock’s mood pieces, designs and concept art to show how Alicia Vikander’s AI slowly came together during pre-production. The limited edition loose leaf package provides a fascinating insight into how the robot prototype developed from Vikander 1.0 to the final, big-screen version. Interestingly, it all came about after the Swedish actress’s casting, presumably adding no little time pressure to the process.

The prints are all printed on a sturdy uncoated stock which compliments the sketchbook style of the artwork they contain beautifully.

Limited Edition

The run is strictly limited to 500 copies making this a highly sought after and prestigious project. Typically low runs are not generally thought of as worth pursuing in China, but the scope of the project and the materials involved meant China was a perfect fit! 

Our fabulously creative client Rebellion, our Shenzhen office, Chinese printer and UK sales team all worked hand in hand to develop this wonderful product and we are all thrilled with the end result.