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Savoy Pop Up Cocktail Menu


It was just an average day at Imago HQ when we first got the call from The Savoy asking for our help with an ambitious new project for the Beaufort Bar.

Since first opening in 1889, The Savoy has used beautiful colour illustrations to embellish its menus and head barman, Chris Moore, wanted to tap into this rich visual tradition to create an entirely contemporary and unique cocktail menu for the hotel's lavish Beaufort Bar. Inspired by a pop-up brochure discovered in The Savoy's archives from 1938, the initial plans started to take hold.

A year in the making, the limited edition 15 pop menu is a cocktail of skills; Illustrator Joe Wilson provided painstakingly detailed drawings for paper engineer Helen Friel to work into a fully functional pop-up book, and Chris’s team developed an entirely new selection of cocktails just for the menu. Designed to take the viewer from light to dark, on a journey through the course of the night, with cocktails for the early evening through to the small hours, the menu’s pages throw open a heady world of characters, tales and scents, with each exquisitely crafted cocktail telling its own unique story. And after all that – all that was left to do was for us to print it!

The Cocktail Lovers reports: “It took a while to come together but he’s done it with a ravishing, whimsical and extraordinarily detailed pop-up menu which brings all of the cocktails on offer to life. “It’s been designed for our customers to really engage
with the bar,” he (Chris Moore) says as he proudly presents the one-of-a-kind drinks list. “We wanted to create a sharing experience, a voyage of discovery. The pop-up element allows guests to tap into their inner child, to query, be intrigued and explore.”

Bringing the project to life

For us at Imago, it was a delight to work with a team of highly skilled and creative people with a strong vision for their final product and the desire to make it succeed no matter what. The menu itself has a solid black background and it was absolutely vital to make sure this was smooth and seamless between the flat background and the artwork for the pops. A little tweak here and there and some test prints later and it was perfection. To accommodate all the pops, of course, the spine has to be quite large, and the finished menu is quite an impressive tome. In the end we decided to go for a rich black cloth quarter binding to give both the rigidity needed as well as a high class feel. The last touch of opulence came in the form of the decadent soft touch lamination applied to the front cover with delicate gold blocking. Soft touch lamination is a pleasure to touch but also comes with the added bonus of being significantly less scuff-able than regular matt lamination, which can quickly look grubby which quite clearly would never do.

We worked closely with Helen, Joe and Chris to help with the final stages of design, ensuring the project would function properly, print well and stand up to scrutiny, and when the finished product finally landed on our desks, we have never been more proud. The finished effect is a wonderful mix of class and fun and it delivers on every level.

Chris Moore recently said, "We have been thrilled to be able to turn a simple bar menu into a work of art and are delighted by the response from our guests.  Imago's guidance and support through the production stages of this intricate and complicated book, was invaluable".

We have loved being a part of this fabulous project and enjoyed every moment. Especially the cocktails all round to celebrate delivery moment (although we are not sure they were quite up to Chris’s standards).


"It was a delight to work with Imago on The Savoy pop-up menu. The project was complex and it was wonderful to work with a team who were patient, helpful and very knowledgeable. They went above and beyond to ensure that the final outcome met the highest standards - thank you" ~ Helen Friel

"It was a real pleasure working with Imago on this project. Their understanding of working with designers and what we were trying to achieve with the job, along with clear, easy and personal communication helped to bring an unusual and complicated project to life. We've ended up with a project and ultimately a product that we are all so proud of and we are grateful to have had Imago involved in producing it." ~ Joe Wilson