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Tiny Owl - the birth of a publishing company 

The first year we came here to the UK for my PhD studies in 2010 was a stressful one. We were a family of four, my husband, our two sons then aged 15 and 9, and me. My younger son went straight to year 5 without knowing English properly and without any knowledge of reading or writing in this language. His school did a great job on teaching these to him in a short time, while I tried to find storybooks for him that he liked in English. There I realised that although his friends at school come from diverse backgrounds, this is not reflected in the children's books that we could find in the library and bookstores. In those years a huge wave of migration from Iran to everywhere in the world was happening. Almost all of my friends were now relocated in Canada, Australia, Europe, Malaysia, US, and the UK. We thought there was a lack of representation of diverse cultural backgrounds in children's books market, and a these families needed books to introduce their cultural identity to their children and to their friends.

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Our first published book, The Little Black Fish, is a classic written in the 1960s. The book is written by Samad Behrangi and illustrated by Farshid Mesghali. Farshid Mesghali has won several prizes, including the Hans Christian Andersen Award for illustrations of this book. The Little Black Fish was one of the first books that I had read in my childhood and I was very excited to be able to publish it now in English with the original artwork of Farshid Mesghali. We even tried to imitate the Persian title style for the English version. 

Some of our other works in 2015 include Poetry for children from award winning Iranian poet Ahmadreza Ahmadi, illustrated by talented young Iranian artists (When I Coloured In the World, and Alive Again)

We have published The Parrot and the Merchant  by the great Rumi, about love and freedom. This is not going to be our only book by Rumi, as we have another upcoming title from him: The Jackal Who Thought He Was a Peacock.

The quality of our work (both the content and the presentation) has been considered to be on a high standard, and we are very happy that we could find Imago to manage our print works, so that they receive the attention they deserve.

We have published nine titles in 2015, and are going to publish eight more titles in 2016. We hope to publish more quality picture books for children from around the world. This is a journey that we have started. We think in cultural work, especially for children, can bring people closer together.

Written by: Delaram Ghanimifard 

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