federation.jpgStar Trek Federation - The First 150 Years:

From Concept to Reality


When premier Seattle-based book producer becker & mayer! approached Imago for the printing of a new Star Trek book, they needed a sophisticated look for this work that celebrates the 150-year anniversary of the founding of the United Federation of Planets.

Developed as an exclusive title for Amazon.com, this illustrated volume chronicles the events leading up to the start of the Federation in 2161, and explores the back stories and intergalactic diplomacy of many alien species, and the technology that made the exploration of space between solar systems possible. The book combines crisp writing along with many reproductions of historic pieces of Starfleet history.

For a book this weighty, not just any cover would do. The initial designs featured a Star Fleet insignia on a background of stars, and it was assumed that metallic foil stamping on a faux cloth case would give it an appropriately formal look. The Imago team that worked with becker & mayer! had another idea. We suggested something special to make the iconic insignia stand out: use a clear, lightweight plastic medallion that can act like a lens over the artwork, providing a glossy, futuristic highlight to the entire cover, combined with a sophisticated blue synthetic material. The cover fabric was debossed in the area beneath the medallion, and the artwork applied to the base of the medallion so it shows through. Affixing this visual highlight to the cover would lend an extra-special tactile feature to this hardbound book. becker & mayer! agreed this design suggestion was exactly what they were seeking to complement the special nature of this groundbreaking history with its never-before-seen illustrations that make up the book’s contents.

Written by Greg Lee,
Imago California