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Our UK office houses sales and production teams working for our clients and with our colleagues in China, to bring the finished product safely to your door. 

Sometimes the full possibility of what Imago can offer is hard to explain so here our colleague Steph who has made the transition from client to employee, explains a bit more about the day to day life of a dragonfly:

Oursourced Production 

The mystery solved

When I first started in publishing five years ago I was working for a Packager as part of their editorial team.  As part of my introduction I was informed that we had an “outsourced production department” and although I duly bobbed my head in acknowledgement I was really thinking: “What exactly do they do?”  Three years later, I began working for that very same production team (yes, that’s Imago!) and I’m happy to say the mystery of outsourced production has since been unravelled.

There are many advantages to employing an out-of-house specialist production department, some of which are already highlighted on our website, such as project planning, product development, scheduling and cost and revenue projections.

At Imago, our Production Department can cater to your individual needs, be that all of the above or just the one of two things that you feel would benefit from an extra pair of hands.  From visualisation to conception we will oversee the production process every step of the way.  This includes anything from producing dummies (plain white books using the materials we propose for final production to check quality) and plotters to liaising with designers and suppliers, colour management and supervising product safety.

There is no such thing as a typical day – each project requires individual and specific care and attention.  The one consistent factor is our relationship with our customers and also our suppliers, facilitated largely by our local production offices in the Far East, who are on the ground overseeing the work in progress on your behalf.  So, in a sense, your production team stretches far beyond our UK office in Thame – but all the way to Asia, too!  Outsourcing your print and production is not only a great way to reduce your overheads; it relieves the pressure of your day-to-day duties in house and frees up your precious time to attend to other tasks vying for your attention on your desks. 

In the Consultancy Department, we are very fortunate to enjoy such close relationships with our customers that many of them consider us as extensions of their own businesses simply working remotely.  It is also very common for us to work out of our customer’s own offices once or twice a month (or as much as the customer wishes!) so we can discuss our schedules, offer advice and make suggestions in person.  It’s perhaps this aspect of my job that I enjoy the most: getting out and about and getting to know our customers.  It’s important to understand their needs and even anticipate what they’ll need before they know it themselves.

We are also very fortunate in the degree to which we're involved in the development of our customer's new ideas.  No job is ever just a "passing ship" and it's hugely enjoyable to be included in the shaping of a project, be it a book, box set, or a gift set, right from the start.  We can help to advise on the most economical formats for the presses, the very latest finishes (one of my favourite tasks – there are a LOT of finishes), and even pick your paper.

If you are looking to outsource your production then our Consultancy model could be the answer.  As an employee, it's an incredibly varied and rewarding position for which the old adage is true - you really do learn something new every day.  Yes, it can be demanding too but it's always worth it in the end when you're able to hold the finished product in your hands.  On a personal level, I don’t think I will ever tire of receiving positive feedback from our customers and hearing that you’ve met their expectations.  It really does feel like a true partnership and that’s what it’s all about, after all!


Steph Bramwell-Lawes

Production Controller, Imago UK