Imago Packaging takes the stress out of producing your product packaging in Asia 

Imago Packaging is the leading international print and packaging services company with offices around the globe. 

Our 35 years of experience of printing in Asia began in book production and soon we diversified to gift and product packaging.   Our people are expert at co-ordinating between the product supplier and the packaging supplier ensuring that everything is given careful consideration and problems ironed out prior to production.  We have a proven track record of delivering packaging that is: 

  • colour consistent across your range of products
  • looks great at point of sale 
  • printed to high standards 
  • cost effective 
  • environmentally friendly 
  • socially responsible 
  • reinforces the quality of your brand 
  • arrives on time, undamaged and is fit for purpose 
  • helps you concentrate on your core activities 

Do you have problems with your packaging?

The majority of companies that source in China and the Far East have an excellent approach to the monitoring and QC control of their products, however when it comes to the packaging, the manufacturer of the goods is rarely an expert.  Your supplier may subcontract production of the packaging to other factories and consequently you could find that you are no longer in control.  The results can be disappointing at best, disastrous at worst - those all important brand colours can vary from one piece of packaging to another, materials can be substandard and arrive damaged due to careless handling or inappropriate packing. 

If you have multiple suppliers which you use across a range of goods, the problem is compounded, as all of your suppliers will inevitably have different, sometimes socially and ethically unsound packaging suppliers, possibly using different materials, inks and printing techniques from each other. 

With so many players it's easy to see how things can go awry and why you have difficulties delivering colour consistent, good quality packaging. 

Does the problem sound familiar?  What's the answer? 

The problems we have highlighted are all about the variable nature of your current process, you may have tried really hard to solve the above issues, but unless the process changes, the results unfortunately will be much the same.

How does Imago Packaging work? 

We deliver direct to your manufacturer.

We have our own production offices based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Malaysia which gives us a unique position in the packaging industry.  We deal directly with the suppliers on your behalf, we visit the factories and monitor the production process from start to finish and organise delivery through to your manufacturer for final assembly of the goods. 

By printing and finishing "centrally" Imago Packaging will colour control and quality check not only the first production run but subsequent runs though careful control and setting of standards.  We even colour match across different substrates, for example paper, board and plastics. 

We understand our supplier's specialties and capabilities meaning we know which supplier will be competitive and best matched to your job's requirements. 

Our teams work for you not the manufacturer and they understand both the quality and ethical requirements of your job.  We have our own QC (Quality Control) team who are available to inspect jobs and can also offer third party inspections.  But most importantly of all, it is our guys on the ground dealing with the suppliers everyday who make a real difference communicating your needs.

Wherever your manufacturer might be, we have the delivery infrastructure across Asia to get your packaging to them on time, so that they can pack your product.  As long as we know the location and pack date, we guarantee your packaging will arrive undamaged and to specification. 

If you would like to discuss any issues you might have had in the past, we can conduct a simple free audit to ascertain if we can help you, please contact or call on 01844 337000