What's New for 2019? 

There are several new courses on our programme this year.  Please click on the links to view the full synopses.

Two new colour courses added: 

A suite of soft skill courses including 


Negotiation & Supplier management Training:


Two new courses that will be of interest to editorial / managers 

Changes to our Toy Safety Workshops:


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Book Production
Our one day Book Production courses are designed to help you improve your technical understanding of the book production, ebook production and shipping process and help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.
Enhance your Book Production Skills - Proactive Production Training Workshop

Build on your book production knowledge.  Our industry experts will show you how to avoid the pitfalls and add value to the process.   We recommend a minimum of  2 years experience of the book production process.  

Novelty & Books Plus Production

A unique course for anyone working with novelty products and children's books; from a production, design and editorial perspective

Print Supplier Management - Choosing and getting the best from your suppliers

This course will help improve your effectiveness and confidence in print buying. Designed specifically for book publishing staff; the course will help you assess and choose the right suppliers and build and maintain successful relationships.

Paper for Book Production

Learn how paper is made and become more informed about the different paper types for book printing, their uses and the ecological issues surrounding paper.    

Effective ebook Production

Our one day course is aimed at production departments, editorial and designers who are responsible for producing or managing the production of ebooks.  The focus of the course is on improving workflow and making the process as efficient and effective as possible.

Book Binding for Publishers

Build your production knowledge about the range of different binding styles and finishing processes that are available. 

Shipping Course - Workshop & Port Tour

Our comprehensive introduction to the shipping process includes a formal learning element with a morning workshop followed by a port visit. The training will take place at either London Gateway & Felixstowe Port, depending on port access arrangements and activity at the ports. 

Colour for Book Printing
Our Colour courses will help you improve your understanding of the way colour works and is managed from image preparation through to print.
Understanding Colour for Print

A one day workshop combining colour theory and practical work to help you improve your colour knowledge and your colour correcting and press checking skills

Practical Colour Management for Designers

This is a one day course, aimed at designers that will give you a thorough understanding of how to use Colour Management in your workflow.

InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator for Book Publishers
We offer a range of InDesign courses to teach the essential elements you need for designing or editing illustrated books. Courses are role specific and show you smarter, more efficient ways of working. We also offer introductory level Photoshop and Illustrator courses.
Introduction to InDesign for Book Publishers

An introductory level course which will equip you with the basic skills you need to get up and running in InDesign

Intermediate InDesign for Book Publishers

Build on your basic knowledge of InDesign and learn how to create, modify and check layouts, covers and associated marketing materials.

Advance your InDesign Skills - Book Publishers Workshop

An InDesign course specifically for book editors and designers. This course will help you become more productive by showing you how to use InDesign in the most effective way for the tasks you need to undertake in your role.

InDesign for Production for Book Publishers

This unique InDesign course is geared to the needs of production staff who need to check files before sending them out for print.

InDesign for Editors

This course will help you build a good understanding of the way files are constructed in InDesign and what things can go awry. By the end of the course delegates will be able identify and correct errors, avoiding costly mistakes further down the line.


Typesetting in InDesign for Beginners

This is a basic course that will take complete beginners through the essentials you need so that you can typeset your own books.

Typesetting in InDesign for Book Publishers

This course concentrates on the principles involved in building long, predominantly text only documents with InDesign.  It is appropriate for books such as novels, biographies, academic and reference books.

PDF Checking - Ensure your PDF's are ready for Press

Learn how to check your PDFs to ensure they are problem free before they are sent for printing

Illustrator Fundamentals

This practical one day course in London will give you the basic tools and skills you need to use Illustrator with confidence.

Photoshop Fundamentals

This course tackles the fundamental elements every book designer needs to know to gain a thorough foundation for using this complex software.

Business Skills for Publishing
Negotiation, selling and buying courses developed specifically for those working in the book publishing or print industry. Copyright law is also offered for those working in Rights. Finance Skills for those working in book publishing in a management capacity but in non financial roles, with a responsibility for budget setting and profitability.
Copyright Law in the Digital Age

This new course will help interpret the current legal copyright and IP framework and show how it impacts on the publishing process.   The course will highlight areas of risk and help you develop and implement processes for managing copyright and IP issues safely. 

Basic Finance for Publishing

This new half day course has been devised for managers from disciplines other than finance, who need to understand the basics of financial management. 

Negotiation Skills Training

This course is aimed at all staff who have a negotiation role, be they buyers, sales teams or customer services staff. It will be found particularly useful by participants who have not had previous negotiation training or who wish to improve their negotiation skills/confidence. 

Supplier Management Training for Book Publishers

This course has been designed to ensure participants become confident in supplier management and can manage their supply chain more efficiently than their competitors. It equips attendees with a suitable framework and range of tools and methodologies in order to create a supplier management strategy which suits theirs company’s requirements. Become skilled in structured supplier management.


Product Safety
Our Toy Safety training has been devised specifically for publishers working with Children's Books and Toys. We offer two courses, one pitched at people who are new to product safety and the other at a more advanced level and focussed on performing Safety Assessments.
Toy Safety Workshop (Part 2): Identifying Hazards and Minimising your Risk

This advanced level workshop will take you through the Safety Assessment process ensuring you recognise and address potential hazards before your product is placed on the market. Often taken as a follow up to Understanding Toy Safety (Part 1)

We offer a number of different courses which are aimed at editorial: three one day courses designed to help build skills in the area of proofreading, copy-editing and business communications.
Proofreading Workshop

A practical one day workshop to help build your proofreading skills

Better Business Writing

A practical one day course to help you improve the effectiveness of your written business communications

Copy-editing Workshop

A practical one day workshop to help build your copy-editing skills

Leadership and Personal Development
Our range of Leadership and Personal Development courses are designed to motivate, engage and develop people so they can perform to the best of their abilities and contribute significantly to the organisations they work for.
Communication and Assertiveness

At work we need the skills to be able to say what we think, ask for what we need, give feedback, and set expectations, in a way that is respectful and kind. This can be problematic for many and can lead to people feeling frustrated, not in control and unable to get what they need. This workshop can help break this cycle.

Having Difficult Conversations

Having difficult conversations is a key skill needed to work effectively with others, as differences of opinion and conflict are an inevitable part of all human relationships. However, we struggle to do so and often either withdraw or do not say anything.

Presenting for Impact

Many people find presenting difficult and sometimes highly nerve racking, but it is an essential skill that you need if you want to progress at work. This workshop will provide you with the tools and techniques to manage nerves, engage and hold your audience’s attention, and deliver presentations that make an impact whether you are communicating to a large group or at meetings.

Maximising and Managing your Time

It often feels that there are many more pressures on people’s time making it hard to work out what to focus on. Pareto talks about the 80:20 effect where 20% of our efforts produce 80% of our results. Unless we are proactively prioritising, planning and managing our time we will not be as productive and waste valuable time.  In addition to this many people find it hard to accept that there are only so many hours in the day to do what is needed. It can often lead to people feeling stressed, burnt out and dissatisfied which then reduces their ability to perform.

Managing Performance

To maximise the profits and performance of companies, managers need to proactively manage and develop their people. Most leaders struggle to do this without a robust framework and approach. This workshop provides the process, tools and techniques needed for leaders to set expectations, review performance, develop and manage people so they can achieve outstanding results.

Building and Managing a Team

Managing and building a team that work productively and effectively together, can be hard work. People need to feel safe, be treated fairly, be involved, be committed to a shared vision and know how to work well together, valuing different personalities and approaches. This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to create an environment where your team thrives and so works well together; with this comes creativity, innovation and improved results.

Project Management

With ever-increasing workloads, tough deadlines and limited resources, the ability to manage our time has never been more critical. Project management is a key skill and this workshop has been created to ensure that delegates make their projects as efficient and effective as possible.

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