Imago launches ‘first in publishing’ consultancy

Book production company Imago is to launch a new digital consultancy tasked with helping publishers profitably digitise their content. iBiblios has been set up and will be run by publisher Simon Rosenheim.

iBibilos launches at today's London Book Fair, with the company showcasing three apps, including an image recognition app, which Rosenheim believes is a “first in publishing”.

The move is a departure for the 32-year-old company that has up to now focused on providing services to publishers either looking to outsource their production and print, or create innovative physical books. But Imago co-founder and chairman Erik Pordes said he believed the company’s “trusted” status as a production consultancy would be extended into the digital world . “We are firmly committed to physical books, but what we are looking to do is build the digital dimensions that connect the physical book to the digital world.”

Rosenheim, who founded and ran children’s publisher Meadowside for 10 years, said a lot of publishers had had their fingers burnt digitising their books, and iBiblios would offer guidance on suitability, cost-effectiveness and availability. “My job is about dashing hopes or helping them achieve what is possible. ”