iBiblios creates "Night Film" App

Imago's Digital division, iBiblios, have been working feverishly on this new App for Marisha Pessl's new Novel, "Night Film" for Random House.  

The resulting App is proving to be a huge success and is making waves across the press. The Wall Street Journal say 'Marisha Pessl's new novel... actually works better as an app. Random House created an elaborate multimedia app that serves as a vehicle for her thiller about a horror film maker's dark secrets.'

In an interview with CNN, Marisha talks about why she used a multimedia approach to the story:

Pessl: I wasn't trying to break any boundaries but I wanted to find the best means by which to tell the story. I personally love archives and I love going through old antique stores and looking at old wedding photographs, and old class photos of people in kindergarten in the 1920s. I love looking at the ephemera people leave behind when they're no longer here. I wanted to bring that feeling to "Night Film" and through those bits and pieces bring Cordova's world to life. I wanted to make his world really immediate to the reader.

There's a voyeuristic quality that I think is really compelling to be able to peruse old reports. I definitely went through a lot of old police blogs and read through crime scene reports. It's absolutely fascinating the level of detail that goes into describing things like the blood spatter pattern and the positioning of the body, it's absolutely fascinating. In this CSI world, where everyone knows a lot about forensics, it made sense to give that to readers, rather than just telling them about it.


You can watch the official trailer below.

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